A short story about a cat from New Jersey.

My mom was cool and quirky and wild and lovable, some people may say that’s a blessing. And it was, her love was infectious and therapeutic. It was medicine for all (not just the people). The love and care she provided me with was wonderful but again she did have her wild tendencies. Once, she suspected, or how she would say perceived, that I wanted to be a wild cat, a street cat, a “free” cat as she called it. Really, I just wanted to go mate real quick and come back home. In her head I was ready for the wild, ready to be my own cat. She left me out there for a few day; I injured my front left paw and came back with pink eye. She was so deeply saddened that she had left me outside, she said, “I thought that’s what you wanted?” It was what I wanted but not necessarily what I expected lol I spent most of my day time hiding under this boat from all the commotion, and at night I would go out looking for some pussycats. I will not disclose the details of my affairs for the sake of my privacy and the privacy of my future offspring. But yeah, I had to come back home to where I was fed warm meals and had a warm place to sleep. Ironically, she decided I needed to be a free cat during the rainiest time of the year here in New Jersey (which was April). April showers bring May flowers haha okay so back to it, I came back home and of course they accepted me with loving arms, they’re lovable people, what else were they to do. So there I am grooming myself on their studio table, watching them paint and smoke weed. When night fell, I decided to make my way outside again, again, with the hopes of coming back right away not being left out there for 3 days. They thought I was crazy, “How the fuck do you wanna go outside right now?!?!?!?” they yelled. I was tenacious though and they had no choice but to open the doors. They left me again, this time I saw the male smoking a cigarette on the toppy top floor (balcony), so I called to him and I said “yooooo lemme in “ he just looked down and was like noooooooooo Papi but his soul said yes, my screams awakened my mother, I felt that she desperately wanted to bring me inside but she also wanted me to learn to survive outside like the wild cat she always knew I was. So I swallowed my sorrows and left, crossing the street and going to the park by the river. I still felt her sadness. I know she thought I was crazy for wanting to go outside again in my condition (pink eye and broken paw) but I was determined to stick my needle cat penis in some juicy ass cat pwussy. Excuse my language; this is what being out in the cold wet streets has done to me. Luckily, that following morning my mother came by the boat to take me back inside (I had sent her messages in her dreams telling her to come pick me up because it would be raining a lot the next few days). Mother was very receptive. I was back inside with my mates, sleeping on their warm bed (even though they say I can’t be on it but I read their souls, and their souls don’t mind, the human in them minds.) I’m glad my parents are cool and I’m glad they didn’t chop my balls off.

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